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The statistical data of July record increasing flows of flights. These changes were mostly brought by the increasing number of vaccinated people and the holiday period.

In July the total number of flights that received the services from the specialists of Oro Navigacija increased 1.8 times in comparison to the same period last year and amounted to 17.6 thousand flights.

“The situation in the aviation sector is optimistic. In comparison to the previous year, when we recorded a decrease in the flight flows of more than 60 percent, this year we can see that we fail to reach the results of the successful year 2019 by 30–40 percent of flights only. Lithuania is significantly in the lead among the Baltic countries”, claimed Chief Executive Officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija” Saulius Batavičius.

In July the number of overflights doubled and comprised 13.6 thousand flights. During the previous month, most of the overflights across the Republic of Lithuania were to the Russian Federation and the air traffic controllers provided services to 5140 flights. Germany took the second place with 1369 flights and Latvia was the third with 883 flights.

The statistics of terminal flights from Lithuania in July singles out the following three top countries: the United Kingdom (207 flights), Germany (189 flights) and Latvia (152 flights).

Most of the flights during July within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania were executed by Air Baltic (1396 flights), Ryanair (1227 flights), Aeroflot (1053 flights) and Finnair, the aircraft of the latter crossed the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania 741 times.

In July, most of the aircraft took off and landed at Vilnius Airport, where 2.6 thousand aircraft received services. Their number exceeded the results of the same period last year by 43 percent. 728 aircraft received services at Kaunas Airport (15 percent more than last year), 373 aircraft received services at Palanga Airport (23 percent more than last year), while the air traffic controllers of Šiauliai Airport provided services to 260 aircraft (12 percent less than last year).

The peak day of this month was the 31st of July. On that day 636 aircraft crossed the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania.

About the air navigation services provided by the enterprise

In every country seeking to ensure that flights take place safely, efficiently and on time, aircraft are provided air navigation services from the moment the aircraft leaves the parking zone until it lands at the destination airport. State enterprise Oro Navigacija provides these services within the Lithuanian airspace and at Lithuanian airports. The airlines pay route and terminal charges for using the airspace and the air navigation services provided within it. These charges comprise the reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the country, the airspace of which is used. Oro Navigacija covers its expenses from its main activity, i.e., delivery of air navigation services, entirely, and is not maintained from the state budget.

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Updated at: 2021-12-27 13:08:01

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