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Today the management of state enterprise Oro Navigacija met the representatives of the Polish air navigation service provider PANSA. The challenges related to launching “U-Space” system, cooperation within iTEC alliance and other relevant issues were discussed during the meeting.

Digital infrastructure “U-Space”, which is scheduled to be introduced in Lithuania as well, encompasses the respectful airspace and the structure thereof, the services and procedures for the integration of drones into the lower European airspace. The purpose of this system is to promote safe access to European airspace for unmanned aerial vehicles and their operators. “U-Space” the system will register the operators intending to execute flights, provide them with the information necessary for flight operation, accept applications for the flight and issue the relevant permits. The result of the system is ensuring safer airspace, available for the operators of unmanned aerial vehicles and other participants of this system to be used in accordance with the established rules.

The goal of the discussions on the matters pertaining to iTEC alliance was to improve cooperation in the field of air traffic management. PANSA representatives presented the technologies that are currently being introduced and shared the best practices and insights. The main highlights of the meeting included close cooperation in order to implement the concept of the Single European Sky and improve the efficiency of air traffic management.

Updated at: 2021-12-27 13:17:27

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