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A 005/2022 (25.6 MB) The Maximum Allowable Height for the Flights of Unmanned Aircraft Within the Aerodromes Control Zone
A 004/2022 (95 KB) VFR Aeronautical Chart – ICAO 1:500 000 Lithuania
A 003/2022 (98.1 KB) Obstacle Clearance Altitude (Height) and Operating Minima for Šiauliai Aerodrome
A 002/2022 (90.9 KB) The Charges for the Air Navigation Services Provided in the Airspace of the Republic of Lithuania
A 001/2022 (76.4 KB) Prices of Aeronautical Information Publication Products 
A 011/2021 (88.7 KB) Implementation of Cross-Border Free Route Airspace Operations Within Lithuanian and Polish Airspace and The Cross Border FRA Operations Between Poland and Slovakia
A 010/2021 (81.3 KB) Checklist of Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC) Series A
A 009/2021 (78.7 KB) Aeronautical Information / Data Publication Dates According AIRAC System in the 2022 Year
A 008/2021 Seasonal Snow Plan for The Winter 2021/2022
A 007/2021 Border Guard Operations
A 006/2021 Obstacle Clearance Altitude (Height), Operating and Take-off minima for Vilnius, Palanga and Kaunas Aerodromes
A 023/2020 Establishment of Temporarily Established Segregated Area of the Republic of Lithuania
A 021/2020 Flight Rules for Light Unmanned Balloons, Used for Meteorological Purposes
A 020/2020 Kaunas Airport Charges
A 019/2020 Volcanic Ash
A 013/2020 Aviation Security Requirements for General Aviation Aircraft and Aerodromes
A 012/2020 Procedure of Flights of State Unmanned Aircrafts in The Border Area
A 011/2020 Procedure of Flights without Transponder within the Controlled Airspace
A 010/2020 Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Flights in the Prohibited or Restricted Areas
A 009/2020 Procedure for Issuance of Permits for Flights of Civil Aircraft in The Border Area
A 008/2020 Low Level Flights Procedures within the Airspace of Republic of Lithuania
A 002/2020 Application Forms for State Enterprise "Oro navigacija"
A 005/2019 Palanga Airport Charges
A 002/2019 Vilnius Airport Charges
A 006/2018 Prior Permission Request (PPR) to Šiauliai Airport
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